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Your Memoir – Start Writing, Keep Writing

Are you seeking guidance on how to to unravel your memories and turn them into prose that makes an impact?
Confused and not sure where to start? Writing but floundering? Lacking in time, motivation and clarity?

My online memoir writing course starting on October 3 is the solution.

The logistics: We meet fortnightly on Tuesday evenings, you can attend live or at your convenience - the course is yours to keep forever.

The costs: £270 and you can pay in instalments throughout the course.

This course is a judgement-free zone focused on progress, not perfection. Together we'll tend the delicate seeds of your stories.


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The course covers:

What success looks like to you, your intended audience, types of memoir, where to start, what to include, what to leave out, how long your book should be and how long it will take to write. 

I will explain the various drafts and stages, the skills that a memoirist needs to develop and your common fears and how to overcome them.

I will ensure you understand the three essential types of writing that your book needs and how to show and tell.

I’ll talk about voice and theme and how you are the main character in your memoir, but also the narrator.

I will explain how to use time-of-writing voice and the stylistic elements of fiction to give your readers a powerful experience.

I will guide you on how to ground yourself when writing about difficult times and where to finish your story.

Including special guests and much more!

I will lead you in writing exercises and help you plan your writing in a realistic way that fits in with your life.

This course will respond to your needs, which means each week I will take questions and feedback on board to ensure all your questions are answered over the duration.

Don't miss this opportunity to finally write your memoir alongside a small community of passionate writers.
Let's come together to craft tales that heal, humanize, and inspire hope.

Read testimonials from past students here.

So, if you hear an inner voice urging you to put your life into words - listen! And seize this chance to make 2023 the year your stories step into the light.

Martina Tyrrell

Start Writing, Keep Writing was just the boost I needed to get back to work on my stagnating memoir. I'd already written a first draft, but it was languishing on my laptop. Week by week, Marnie gave me tips and ideas to breathe life into my chapters and to rethink my approach to writing certain parts of my story. Not only did this course encourage me to get back to work on my memoir, but some of the writing challenges she set helped me find a way into some other writing projects. Marnie offers empathetic, approachable and down-to-earth guidance through the highs and lows of memoir writing. My only complaint about the course? I wanted more!

Michelle C

Loved the online memoir writing course. As someone toying with whether memoir is the right way to go, Marnie gave insightful advice around structure, great examples of the ‘how’ along with on the spot exercises to flex the writing muscles straight into memory. I’d recommend the course for all levels, whether that’s a motivation boost to get you started or a sense check for those further along the path.


Just wanted to say thank you for the course. I thought that each lesson was a safe space to learn in. I like the fact that you can remain anonymous. With some online writing courses the other participants can see and hear you and you’re expected to share what you’ve written and interact live with people. Not everyone wants to do that. Communicating through Chat and Q & A is much more comfortable. I loved the writing prompts and the space in which to write. It means you can put into practice what you’ve learned in the moment instead of waiting until after the lesson when you might have lost momentum. Just knowing that there are other people out there who are struggling to write their story makes me feel less crazy/selfish about wanting to write my own. It’s a comfort knowing that there’s someone out there who can help you realise your dream. So glad I found Your Memoir.

Carol Carter

I was a complete novice. The main thing I have taken away is your insistence to, “Just do it, just write and you can edit etc later. ”You gave me the productive mindset of doing rather than just thinking. I liked the format of the sessions, they suited me, and I am pleased to know I can revisit the sessions, each time increasing my understanding of memoir and developing the skills of writing. I really felt as if you had my back, it was safe, which allowed me to develop confidence. You were the chisel tapping gently with skill and expertise into my brain till I felt it! You have given me a good foundation and I feel I can do this, I also want to. I thought memoir writing was more about therapy but because of the way you taught it, it felt it could be a joyful experience. It was great value for the price. You stuffed it full!

Giovanna Cresswell-Forrester

I loved everything about the online memoir course. Marnie – you have a unique gift. You are compassionate, empathetic, intuitive and charismatic. It’s been lovely to learn from you.
Even though I am still on the starting blocks you have helped me believe in myself.


I enjoyed your course, especially your cocktail of writing time, tips and references. Your supportive, caring presence is so encouraging, and just the antidote to the isolation that spawns those awfully unhelpful thoughts in relation to the whole crazy notion of writing a memoir!

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