Six Part Online Memoir Writing Course

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Would highly recommend this course to all memoirists! Marnie breaks down everything you need to know in an interactive fun way. You will come out of each session with a jam packed reading list and feeling confident in what you need to write with lots of tips, tricks and writing prompts. There is always time for questions during and after the session and it's lovely being a part of a group who despite all being in different stages, learn so much from each other.


This course was a joy! My initial hope of getting my memoir started has been exceeded in so many ways. Marnie’s enthusiasm for the subject is infectious, her sharing of knowledge and wide variety of examples spark so many ideas. It helps you really explore what you are wanting to say and how to say it, in a really nurturing and helpful way.

Are you seeking guidance on how to unravel your memories and turn them into prose that makes an impact?

Confused and not sure where to start?

Writing but floundering?

Lacking in time, motivation and clarity?

My online memoir writing course is now available for £180. Or £155 if you buy it before DATE TO GO IN HERE.
Work on it at your own pace. And if you need additional help, I am just an email/phonecall/Zoom chat away!

Usually £45 for an hour's consultation with Marnie, book an accompanying hour's Zoom when you buy the course and get it for just £35 or two hour long Zooms for £60.
Read below for what the course covers, or watch the trailer HERE. WITH LINK.


I wasn’t sure what to expect from Marnie’s course but I’m delighted to have completed it. I’m just starting my memoir and now have a clear idea how to achieve it having soaked up all her wonderful advice and worked on her writing practices. Thank you so much Marnie!


Start Writing, Keep Writing was just the boost I needed to get back to work on my stagnating memoir. Not only did this course encourage me to get back to work on my memoir, but some of the writing challenges Marnie set helped me find a way into some other writing projects. Marnie offers empathetic, approachable and down-to-earth guidance through the highs and lows of memoir writing. My only complaint about the course? I wanted more!


The course covers:

What success looks like to you, your intended audience, types of memoir, where to start, what to include, what to leave out, how long your book should be and how long it will take to write.
I will explain the various drafts and stages, the skills that a memoirist needs to develop and your common fears and how to overcome them.
I will ensure you understand the three essential types of writing that your book needs and how to show and tell.
I’ll talk about voice and theme and how you are the main character in your memoir, but also the narrator.
I will explain how to use time-of-writing voice and the stylistic elements of fiction to give your readers a powerful experience.
I will guide you on how to ground yourself when writing about difficult times and where to finish your story.
I will lead you in writing exercises and help you plan your writing in a realistic way that fits in with your life.

So, if you hear an inner voice urging you to put your life into words - listen!
And seize this chance to allow your stories step into the light.