Video Masterclasses

Unlock the art of memoir writing with my exclusive one-hour videos, available now for just £12 each!

Dive into the essentials of crafting compelling personal narratives, in a friendly and informative format. Whether you're a seasoned writer or a novice exploring the world of memoirs, these one-off videos promise to enhance your skills and ignite your creativity.

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Accessing Memory

Recapturing the past begins with remembering. In this workshop, we’ll look at how memory works and how we can revive lost life experiences to include in our memoirs.

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Back To School Vibes

Are you feeling energised and ready to write? Maybe you’ve been away from your project for a while and are keen to get stuck in again. In this one-hour video you’ll gain fresh insights and get the motivational boost you need.

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Braided Memoir

A braided memoir is one that incorporates more than one theme or more than one narrative strand. You know, like life?

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Breathing Life Into Your Project

This hour-long memoir writing video is a delightful boost for your storytelling spirit for just £12!

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Dialogue in Memoir

Elevate your memoir with my one-hour video focusing on the crucial role of dialogue in your story.

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Origin Story

You don’t have to be battling The Joker or hanging out with a fish called Flounder to have an origin story.

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Planning Your Memoir

Craft a solid foundation for your memoir with my insightful one-hour video on planning, catering to both diving-in enthusiasts and meticulous planners.

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Structure in Memoir

Conquer your overwhelming fears about how to structure your memoir with my empowering one-hour video.

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The Three Essential Types of Writing

Did you know there are three essential types of writing in memoir and that you’re likely to be drawn to one or two of them and possibly neglecting the third?

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Writing About Other People

Tackle the delicate art of portraying others in your memoir with my insightful hour-long video, priced at just £12!

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Writing The Scene

Rather than writing chapters that can become dumping grounds for information and summary, I encourage my authors to write as much of their story as possible in scenes.

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