About Marnie

A people person

Born and raised in Whitstable in the UK, I started my journalistic career in my local newspaper in 2001. I loved meeting people, sharing a cup of tea and letting the conversation flow. Within a few years, I was freelancing for national newspapers, writing for the Daily Mail, The Sun, The Guardian and The Times, as well as magazines like Marie Claire, Woman and Woman’s Own. My work took me to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malawi, Canada and Greece.

The transition from journalist to ghostwriter came when I realised that one of my stories could become a book. Home From War was published by Mainstream, an imprint of Random House, in 2009. It was the first book to have a foreword written by HRH The Prince of Wales who was then the Duke of Cambridge.

When I transitioned from journalism to ghostwriting, I relished going from a 1,200 word article to a 96,000 word book – not just for the sake of it, but because a newspaper or magazine interview, however brilliant, can only ever tell part of the story.

And as much as I enjoyed my time as a national journalist, I didn’t get to spend as much time with people and connect with them as deeply as I wanted. Now, thanks to technology, I can spend time and share a cuppa with my authors, wherever they are.

If you want me to help you write your story, I will sit with you and help you remember everything that you want to include. Then I will write your book as if I am you. We will work together to ensure the book is an accurate and authentic telling. You are the author, and when we are finished you will feel as if you have personally written every single word.

As well as being a ghostwriter and editor, I am an encouraging memoir mentor who enjoys collaborating and helping people learn how to write. I have been described by my authors as "genuine, insightful, instinctive, heartfelt, sensitive, professional and compassionate". One author recently described me as her “memoir midwife!” You can read my testimonials here.

When your book is finished, whether you want a few copies for family and friends, or to find a wider audience, I can help.

An international reach with a local approach

In my 15 years as a ghostwriter, I have worked with more than 300 authors aged from 22 to 92, who live within walking distance of my home as well as across America, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Germany, Lebanon, Nigeria and South Africa. Together we’ve told stories about sailing the world, adventures for charity, the British navy, unrequited love, showbusiness, equine advice, overcoming abuse, requited love, life after death, being a Playboy bunny and a mistress to the rich and famous, growing up as a Barnardo’s boy, the Dutch Resistance, adoption, self-help, life as a sex worker, imprisonment abroad, the Royal Engineers, fighting cancer, living while dying, success in business, finding family, the Battle For Crete (WWII), overcoming suicide, mental illness, activism, recollections of life in a coma, disability, family mysteries, reunions with happy endings and without, forbidden love, spiritual connections, life with a famous parent, parental abandonment, social work, surviving genocide, and so much more.


I have also written many books with authors who have had what they call "ordinary lives". To me, every life is extraordinary, unique and precious. If you've thought of leaving your mark on the cave wall in this way, don't delay. You don’t want to regret not doing this, now that you’ve thought about it.

Maybe you're here because you wish your parents or grandparents would write their memoirs. I offer gift vouchers so that they can work with me as a gift from you.

You DO have a story to tell

If you're here because your family want you to write but you're thinking, "Nothing much has happened to me," then I ask you this: do you wish that your parents or grandparents had written down the details of their lives, however ordinary? I think I know the answer so be brave, swallow your modesty, and do this for your descendants. Whatever you leave behind will be treasured.

Maybe you want your family and your descendants to read your story? Perhaps you want closure or to surprise and entertain people? Perhaps you want to help others? No one else can say what it is like to be you in this world. So, whatever your reason, and whatever your story, you’ll need an experienced ghostwriter interested in detail, accuracy, structure and style, who is a warm and sympathetic listener.

What journalism taught me is that everyone has a story to tell. What Your Memoir taught me is that I love to help tell those stories.

Please contact my assistant Emily Davies via info@yourmemoir.co.uk or call me on 07851 548 522 *. I will gladly call you back or meet or Skype with you with absolutely no obligation. I look forward to hearing from you.

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