My memoir journey – Dee Sullivan

I’d had a complicated and often troubled childhood but I didn’t want to write a misery memoir. I had loving parents and relatives. I was encouraged to take education seriously. I didn’t go without food or clothes.


Memoir Writing – practical advice

On the subject of writing If someone asked me six years ago how to write a book and get it published, I’d have said what I had been told, “Find a quiet spot and just start. You learn to write by writing.” Now, six years later, I might add a little to that advice. I…


Painful memories – and a happy ending

In August, 2015, Christine Temlett tentatively reached out to me – see below… She and I began working together and after a great deal of digging deep and perseverance on her part, in November 2020 – on her 75th birthday – she independently published her memoir An Innocent Girl. Christine is the sweetest soul and…


Why Writing A Memoir Is More Important Than You Think

In 2017, Peter Billingham – funeral celebrant and specialist eulogy writer – interviewed me for his podcast, which you can listen to here. We’ve kept in touch as we have much in common from our love of dogs, travel and motorhomes to celebrating people and preserving stories. He’s a lovely, genuine man and a super writer.…


Pandemic 2020 – Some Memoiring

On March 30, 2020, I wrote a blog about How To Write Memoir During Lockdown. My advice was only to write if you feel able and not to succumb to Pandemic Productivity Pressure. I implored folks not to write about anything traumatic when we don’t have our usual routines and people around to ground us and…


VEDay 75 – Lest We Forget

One of our great nieces, Libby, aged six, interviewed her great grandmother, GG, about VE Day 75. GG stands for Great Grandmother and is my mother, Maureen Smith MBE.GG is 80 and self-isolating due to Covid-19, so Libby spoke to her over the telephone.The whole family was proud of Libby for taking the time to…


How To Write a Memoir During Lockdown

I’ve been enjoying Twitter these last few weeks. I have found so much sense there, and positivity. Not blind positivity, but a cheeriness, kindness, love and a desire to support one another. Of course we curate our own Twitter feeds by choosing the people we follow. And not that this has inoculated me from the…


Living With Schizophrenia – Book Launch

Your Memoir author Jill Delahunty enjoyed a sweet and intimate book launch at the Tankerton Arms yesterday evening. Jill’s very special memoir is called Living With Schizophrenia. It was written, mainly, by Jill’s younger sister Christine who developed the mental illness when she was 15.


The Time Of My Life – Patrick Swayze’s memoir

I found Patrick and Lisa’s
memoir, written when they knew he was dying, published in 2009, and called, of course, The Time Of My Life. Patrick Swayze was so much more than “just” a celebrity, and so much more than “just” Johnny Castle.


The highs and lows of writing a memoir

In September 2019, Jane Bloom from Framlingham, Sussex, self-published her book Nannie, a memoir by Jane Bloom. Jane and I had been working together, editing her work since February 2017. Here, she shares her experience and feelings on the process. “In 1987 I joined a writing group. I have always enjoyed writing and the monthly…

Dear Marnie