This course was a joy!

Through undertaking this course, my initial hope of getting my memoir started has been exceeded in so many ways.

Marnie’s enthusiasm for the subject is infectious, her sharing of knowledge and wide variety of examples spark so many ideas.

The course is a great base to start your memoir writing journey, or to inject new angles to an already started one. It helps you really explore what you are wanting to say and how to say it, in a really nurturing and helpful way.

Taking this course has enabled me to focus on different aspects of my life and how I would like to set them to paper. It also enables real reflection, that not only helps you progress with your memoir, but also how you can address issues that still have an effect on your life now.

A really interesting and inspiring course, which I would recommend to anyone wishing to start or reinvigorate their memoir writing journey.

Thanks Marnie for great introduction to the craft of memoir writing.

Dear Marnie