Accessing Memory

Recapturing the past begins with remembering. In this workshop, we’ll look at how memory works and how we can revive lost life experiences to include in our memoirs.

We’ll explore how cues like music, aromas, and photographs act as prompts to open the vaults of memory. I’ll talk about how we can tap into long-forgotten moments by focusing on emotional imprints and sensory associations.

I’ll share insider tricks for mining memories and strategically interviewing others who were present – and how not to let their recollections swamp yours!

Join me to rediscover the moments and emotions that shaped the person you are. We’ll also talk about what to do when memories can’t be brought to the surface, or shouldn’t be because they’re too difficult.

Worried your memories aren’t correct? We’ll talk about that too.

We’ll also take time to write and I promise you’ll leave feeling invigorated, inspired and brimming with memories!

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