Memoir Writing Workshop at Driftwood Beach House

A huge thank you to the writers who came to my memoir writing workshop at Driftwood Beach House, Whitstable this week. Thank you for leaving it all on the page. Here are a few snippets – thank you for sharing. Every story has immeasurable value and will be a gift to those who read it…

“There was nothing there, nothing left, nothing to develop. Just a soreness. A physical pain. I turned on the wireless and washed and dried up. I carried on.”

“Look at that man. Is he a man? Back pressed against the wall. The front door so near, freedom so far. See him slide, almost melting, down the wall.”

“I tried to pick up my mug of coffee, but my hands shook. Was a public place really the best setting for this conversation? Should we talk on the way home where we can’t see each other in the car? Or maybe we should wait until dinner when we can have a glass of wine. Or maybe we don’t need to talk at all. After all, we both know the answer. “

“Childlike, I stood rooted to the spot. I was 52.”

“I had every intention of going but I was in the midst of a prolonged phase of vertigo. I truly didn’t trust myself or feel that I was at all well enough – an illogical fear I know – but a very real, physical, neurological sensation. Frightening.”

I have three more workshops coming up between now and April, so keep your eyes peeled for news of those and I hope to see you, and hear your story, there.


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