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January Masterclass

Come and join me from 7.30pm until 8.45pm (BST) on Monday, January 15th, when our topic will be:

The Three Main Challenges faced by memoirists in 2023

As we move into 2024, I want to acknowledge some of the key challenges many of you have shared with me. Writing a memoir can be incredibly meaningful, but let's face it - it has its challenges!

I see three issues in particular coming up again and again. Many of you have incredibly busy lives and struggle to carve out time to write. You have jobs, families, responsibilities and more that fill up your days and leave little room for reflecting and writing. This leads to half-finished manuscripts and writers feeling frustrated.

Then there's your material! Even when you do sit down to write, the blank page can feel daunting. How do you organise the events of your life into a compelling story? Where do you even begin? How much should you plan?

And of course, since memoirs involve other people, you also face questions around privacy, libel, and handling other people’s reactions. How much do you share? Do you change people’s names? What if someone gets upset? These issues can lead to self-censoring and uncertainty.

If you relate to any of these struggles, I want you to know there are solutions!

I’m hosting an online masterclass on January 15th where we’ll tackle these issues directly.

You’ll walk away with a plan to take time for your writing, organise your story, and handle sensitive topics (and people!) with care.

I hope you’ll join me and get the targeted support you need to keep or start writing in 2024. Let’s do this together!

Book your place then send me your questions.

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