‘Come and Say Hi – Your Memoir Event’

On Monday, March 12th 2012, I’m holding two FREE drop-in sessions at the Horsebridge Arts and Community Centre in Whitstable, Kent (UK).

This is a lovely opportunity for you to pop by, say hello and ask me any questions about having your life story written from how the process works and the costs, to the time it takes and about the printing.

I set up www.yourmemoir.co.uk so that having a memoir is accessible to everyone, so here I am – accessible and willing to share cake, no less. Plus, if it’s a nice day this is a great opportunity to have a wander about on Whitstable beach and even pop to the harbour for some shellfish or hot, delicious chippies!

Your Memoir offers gift vouchers, so do come if you want to know more about giving the gift of a memoir to your parents or grandparents, perhaps for a special birthday or anniversary. So many people tell me they regret not having asked their relatives more about their lives before they died.

Remember, anyone can have a memoir written. You don’t have to had an extraordinarily dramatic life because your memories alone will be precious to the next generation. That said, if anyone does have a particularly interesting tale, I can present it to my literary agent for consideration and we can chat more about this process at the sessions. Plenty of people have already started writing their memoirs, and I also offer a reading and editing service.

I’ll be in workshop five on the top floor (there is a lift) between 10am until midday and then 6pm until 8pm. If you can’t make these times, let me know by calling 07710 721 389 or email marnie at yourmemoir dot co dot uk. I’ll be around all day and we can find a quiet spot to talk either in the Horsebridge cafe or elsewhere. Or I can meet you another day – no obligation.

I look forward to meeting you on Monday, March 12th. I’ll be offering my usual discounts to pensioners, Armed Forces personnel, people with disabilities and those in financial hardship as well as a special Meeting Marnie discount – regardless of whether or not you bring me cake or let me share the aforementioned chippies…

See you then! Marnie 🙂

P.S. I’m looking for opportunities to do free talks about Your Memoir, so if you know of an organisation that might consider this, please get in touch.

4 thoughts on “‘Come and Say Hi – Your Memoir Event’”

  1. oooh this sounds such a good idea! and as you are so approachable, im sure peoplel will find their chat with you productive! 🙂 have you thought of the WI for doing talks? Good luck and yay!!! 🙂 XX

  2. Mandy Smith

    I was born in the St Helier Nursing Home 1961. Would you happen to have any photos or kow the Buildng number so I can look on Google earth?
    My mother and family all come from the area she use to live in School Lane Herne bay. I have been back a number of times retracing my past an lookung at where we use to live but most of all would love to see the building where I as born. Hope you can help.
    In anticipation of your response

    1. Hello Mandy – nice to hear from you. I was born there too! It’s not far from where I live now. If you email me marnie at yourmemoir dot co dot uk I will pop round there, take a picture and email it to you. I’ll also get the house number so that you can Google earth. Many thanks and warmest wishes, Marnie

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