Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have A Winner…

…So, slightly delayed (due, happily, to extreme busyness* caused by a mini publicity campaign and drop-in sessions) I am announcing the winner of February’s Moleskine of the Month!

There is a scientific way of doing this (a widget I can get for my website apparently) but in pursuit of cracking on with it, I wrote down the intials of my Facebook likers, the people subscribed to my mailing list, everyone on Twitter who re-tweeted the tweet and asked my neighbour to close her eyes and stab a pencil onto the list and the winner is…MARTIN GRANT, A FACEBOOK LIKER!

Well done Martin and thank you all for entering. Please keep your eyes peeled for March’s Moleskine of the Month. You can enter by liking Your Memoir on Facebook, re-tweeting my Moleskine tweets on Twitter and by signing up to my mailing list at

As I say, I have been extremely busy. This is because some recent publicity around some drop-in sessions I organised resulted in lots of people coming forward to enquire about having their memoir written . Many of the people I met said to me that they have been carrying their story around for years – unsure of what to do with it. Then, seeing an article about my service in local paper or hearing me on local radio, they got in touch. How sad to think that these stories might have been lost forever or that the authors might never have got their experiences off their chest by writing it down – a common desire. A sad thought, but how glad I am that they found me.

So, what sort of stories are coming forward? I’m keeping Your Memoir diary and have just looked through to see. Here’s a list so far…

…domestic violence, sailing, adventure, charity work, travel, business, being a war baby, life as a dominatrix, brain injury, WWII evacuation, love, sex, life in a Barnados home, the Dutch resistance, life in a German concentration camp, adoption, finding unknown siblings, IVF, incest, the navy, army injury, secrets the family don’t know to be published after my death, refugee experiences, alien abduction, being a prisoner of war and life as a London cabbie.

Surprised? What would you like to write about? Let me know…

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