Carol Carter

I was a complete novice. The main thing I have taken away is your insistence to, “Just do it, just write and you can edit etc later. ”You gave me the productive mindset of doing rather than just thinking. I liked the format of the sessions, they suited me, and I am pleased to know I can revisit the sessions, each time increasing my understanding of memoir and developing the skills of writing. I really felt as if you had my back, it was safe, which allowed me to develop confidence. You were the chisel tapping gently with skill and expertise into my brain till I felt it! You have given me a good foundation and I feel I can do this, I also want to. I thought memoir writing was more about therapy but because of the way you taught it, it felt it could be a joyful experience.  It was great value for the price. You stuffed it full!

Dear Marnie