Sarah Weller

Being part of the Cream Tea Memoir Crew was a pleasure and a joy. We spent the best part of a week huddled together, deep in the Devon countryside, surrounded by beautiful farmlands and rain! To have the freedom to write (or not) within this group was an experience I will never forget. Marnie has a gift for putting people at ease. We were a group of strangers and Marnie’s lead gave each of us the confidence to be open and share and have the group support to carry on. As a tutor Marnie ‘sees’ all of us, her empathy and understanding prompts us to go deeper, find more, bring out what we don’t know we have. Yes, there were tears as memoir can be both difficult and painful but Marnie understands what a reader demands and gently moves us to recreate the stories that we are trying to hone into something new to go on to share.

Dear Marnie