Ged Leach

If you’ve already written your memoirs but need a bit of guidance as well as an experienced memoir checker, then you need look no further.  I contacted Marnie about a memoir  I had already written entitled ‘The Life and Times of a Seminary Kid’ which was a humorous look at five years of my life at a priest’s training college. Initially, I didn’t want to publish it, but I asked Marnie to do a read-through, to see how road-worthy it was. After receiving many positive elements of Marnie’s critique, I decided to take the plunge. With Marnie’s input I changed the title, my pen-name, many of the paragraphs as well as satisfying my original request which was to enquire how memoirs work with the laws of libel.
I’m so glad I chose Marnie to feedback on my book, and I would recommend her to anyone considering doing a memoir, or those who have already completed the feat. Thanks Marnie!

Dear Marnie