Nic Bolt, A Bit Of A Stir

I felt as if Marnie was holding my hand throughout. She wanted to do the very best for me. Her caring and compassionate nature was evident from day one. Apart from being extremely intuitive, her wonderful writing skills seemed contagious and I found myself expressing myself like I had never done before! She gently prised open my life without me realising it and I reacquainted myself with the ‘old’ me. At the end, when I had achieved what I had set out to achieve, Marnie was there to heap praise on me. And it was so sincere. The actual book launch was proof of that! She shared in the glory that I was experiencing. And there was immense pride on her face. Her personal satisfaction was undeniable.

Marnie was and is a breath of fresh air…unsurprisingly as she comes from Whitstable!

Another book to write in the future? Who knows? But if I do decide to write another one, I know exactly where to come…it’s to that quirky little town on the Kentish coast called Whitstable, to find my ‘old’ friend, Marnie!

Dear Marnie