Memoir Writing Workshop in Whitstable, February 18, 2017

If you’re looking for something special to get the year off to a juicy start then I have just the thing to fire up your creative engine! I am delighted to let you know that I am hosting a very special memoir writing workshop in Whitstable, on Saturday, February 18th. It takes place from 1-4pm and costs £20 which includes tea, coffee and homebaked treats! Please let me know ASAP if you would like to book a space at the table as we are strictly limited to 10 spots. You can email me or call/text me on 07710 721389.

Leading the workshop is a superb and deeply thoughtful memoirist called Marta Zsabo. I befriended Marta on Twitter @memoirwriter some years ago after reading her memoir The Guru Looked Good – about her escape from a yogic monastery. Marta is the co-chair of the Authentic Writing program and teaches workshops in her home in Woodstock, New York and monthly in Manhattan so it is a rare treat to be able to work with her not only in the UK, but in our very own Whitstable.

Please see the photograph for more on Marta but here’s what she has to say about her own writing: “I think that writing memoir is the most potent action I can take in this world. When I sit down to write – not an easy place to get to – I feel all my energies and abilities come into one focus, one laser point – I feel like a bird, pausing in mid-air, then plummeting down into the waves, intent on that one fish that will save it. I write, then come up for air, then look at what I have unearthed. It usually looks like just a handful of dust, not worth much. I could easily toss it out and forget about it. But I don’t. Not anymore. I add it to the pile. I am not sure what I am building, but this is all I have. For some reason, it is my most precious thing, the one thing that feels purely my own.”

And here is one of her blogs where she shares shorter pieces of writing. It is, in her own words: “…a gallery where I hang my latest pieces of writing, the paint still drying.”
What a lovely description!

Please let me know if you can come along to share this special experience with Marta, I look forward to seeing you and your stories there.

Warmest wishes as always, Marnie

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