The unexpected gifts of writing a memoir

Those of you that have read my memoir writing guide, will have read passages from Sally Woodmansee’s memoir The Simple Philosophy Of Heaven, a true story of the unbreakable bond between mother and son.

The book tells the story of Sally’s son, Tony, from Kent, in the South-East of England. Tony was 20 when, on October 28, 2010, he was thrown through the windscreen of his friend’s car and suffered catastrophic brain injury. On November 6, 2010, he died. Sally was 50 and had, up to then, dismissed anything that I perceived to be unexplained. But within hours of Tony’s passing, Sally became aware of grinding noises in her arm and hand. A spiritual medium told Sally that Tony was moving her arm because he wanted me to try automatic spiritual writing.

On January 8, 2011, Sally sat down with her shopping pad and asked Tony one question. He answered, and since then Tony has written with Sally every single day. It’s been several years since Sally self-published her book, so I asked her to write a little catch-up for those of that might be wondering how she is. You can find Sally through her Facebook page The Simple Philosophy Of Heaven and buy her book on Amazon here.

“My book now has 80 reviews, 82 per cent of them four and five star and I am very grateful and feel quite overwhelmed that so many people have taken the time to leave such lovely reviews. It makes it all even more worthwhile.

I could never have imagined the journey that writing a book was going to take me on, the lovely friends I’ve made because of it, or that mine and Tony’s story could help so many with their own grief and heartbreak, helping them to begin their own healing journey through understanding the life and death cycle. Since writing the book, my life has changed beyond recognition in the loveliest of ways.

My son Tony, who still communicates with me every day through a phenomena known as automatic spiritual writing, had told me he had decided to reincarnate through his older sister Hayley, this time as a girl. Two months after he told me he was coming back, Hayley announced she was pregnant. At the time, she was planning her wedding to her partner Graeme and had no immediate plans for more children. Later, a scan revealed they were having a girl.

I was told through a medium that the baby’s name would be Antonia. The following day I asked Hayley if they had chosen any names. She said the name Antonia had popped in her head the night before and they really
liked it. Shock and excitement followed when I told her that was the name I was given in front of a small audience that same evening. Our beautiful Antonia arrived safely and she is the female replica of Tony. Petite and full of energy. Cheeky and loving, just like he was. The eyes are the window to the soul. Tony had beautiful blue eyes. I see Tony’s eyes looking back at me when I look into Antonias eyes.

Another magical miracle since his passing. Last year, Tony told me I would be moving and a golden opportunity was coming to me after I had moved. I moved unexpectedly two months later. My lifelong dream of owning my own hair salon came true this year too, aptly named Heavenly Hair. This was my golden opportunity. I’m so grateful for my life and the journey I’m on. Everyone has a life purpose, I’m still working on understanding mine, but I know it includes writing books to help spirit and humanity. I’ve made lots of notes on the ongoing experiences, messages, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration I receive from Tony, my higher self, my loved ones and guides in the Higher Realms and sharing it in my next book. It’s a work in progress and I’m very excited to be writing again. 

I never dreamt I would be given the opportunity to share my story the way it needed to be shared. Then I met Marnie. I can say with complete honesty that I found the entire process with Marnie as my ghostwriter to be cathartic in every way. Where I had felt nervous and anxious about putting pen to paper, I found myself feeling optimistic and often excited. Emotional release came hand in hand with being listened to, through being able to talk openly and honestly, without judgement. It helped me (even more than I may have been aware of at the time) with the long process of
healing the heartbreak of losing my lovely Tony and all the events and experiences that followed. Marnie was dedicated to making sure everything was recorded exactly how it happened, spending hours at a time taking notes, recordings, writing, editing, until we finally self published my book. Marnie helped with everything, every step of the way. Thank you for everything Marnie, for helping me share our story while being a lovely trusted friend.”

2 thoughts on “The unexpected gifts of writing a memoir”

  1. Penny Wadsworth (nee Rome)

    That’s wonderful Sally and I really enjoyed reading your book that I bought at the memoir writing weekend we both attended in Eastbourne with Marnie – gosh 2 years ago was it? Marnie has been super helpful with my memoir which I’m trying to get published. The ‘getting published’ is such a hard process, writing the book was a breeze in comparison. Lots of love to you. Penny

    1. Hi Penny, I’ll give Sally a nudge and let her know you’ve responded. Yes, two years! Amazing. You’ve made excellent use of that time in completing your memoir. Just terrific – so many people would like to be in your position. I hear you on the getting published part… Keep going!

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