Join my Memoir Den – your virtual writing retreat

It can be a challenge to carve out writing time. Your busy life and the demands of others can make this seem impossible.

But what if you could lock yourself away and get on with your project in a private space designed for memoirists like you?

Well, you can!

Every two weeks, you can join me online via a Zoom webinar in The Memoir Den for two quiet, blissful hours so you can make progress on your memoir.
Embraced in an atmosphere of positivity you will feel accountable and inspired by energy of other writers.

Make the most of your writing time knowing that I am there to answer your questions and provide motivation via chat.

These formats have proved extremely successful in helping writers to renew their focus and make great strides on their projects.

These six two-hour sessions take place every two weeks beginning Thursday, October 6 from 10am to 12 noon GMT. Until Thursday, December 8.

£14 per session. Book all six and get six for the price of five - £70 instead of £84.

To join us, complete the booking form below...