Joanne James

Once I had decided that I needed to write a memoir, the next question was: where on earth do I start? I am so grateful that it was Marnie’s website that caught my attention first, as from the very moment I spoke to Marnie, I knew I was in good hands.

Soon after she and I spoke, I attended a three-day retreat that she was running. I loved it and it was a turning point. I quickly learned how to get started. One of the most helpful pieces of advice that Marnie gave me was to imagine that I was telling my story to a friend and visualise what I wanted to get down on paper as if they were scenes of a play.

I am so pleased with the end product but also very sad that this experience is over. Although in some ways I found elements therapeutic and did a lot of processing, I did have to relive sad moments, particularly saying goodbye to my mum as this book was an act of love for her.

Since finishing, I have missed writing so much I am going to work with Marnie on my father’s memoir.

Writing a book about the story of my life has been quite a journey. I’m forever indebted to Marnie for her editorial help, kind encouragement and ongoing support in bringing my story to life. It is because of her confidence in me that I have a legacy to pass on to my family where one didn’t exist before.

Joanne James, author of Ya Gotta Laugh

Dear Marnie