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I am often invited to speak to people about my work as a ghostwriter, editor and memoir mentor. On this page I will share podcasts, discussions and events that I have taken part in.

I am also a professional interviewer and attend literary festivals, book launches and other events where I interview some extremely interesting people in a variety of professions. I will be sharing these events, when I can, through a variety of mediums such as audio, video and written transcript.

Coming soon…

I have twice interviewed Vanessa Nicolson author of Have You Been Good and The Truth Game at the Whitstable Literary Festival. Vanessa’s incredible honesty and willingness to be vulnerable makes her one of my favourite people to interview. She is the granddaughter of Vita Sackville-West and in my opinion, a truly great memoirist. The transcript and audio from our conversation at WhitLit 2017 will be appearing soon.

On November 23, 2017, I will be interviewing Liz Wilson, owner at Eclectica Vintage, at London’s Fashion and Textile Museum. We’ll be talking about vintage costume jewellery and Liz’s extraordinary life at the forefront of this sparkling world. More on the event here.

Also in November I’ll be at Whitstable’s Harbour Books interviewing Stephen Harris, chef and owner of The Sportsman, Whitstable’s famous pub about his beautiful cookbook called, of course, The Sportsman. The book tells the story of the The Sportsman’s transformation from “sticky carpet boozer” into an “internationally acclaimed restaurant serving innovative regional cuisine and a cult following around the world”. It also tells the story of Harris’ own transformation from financial advisor to self-taught cook and includes 50 of the restaurant’s classic dishes.

Food lovers like me will know that you have to book well in advance to eat at The Sportsman so it’s just a little ironic that I was due to eat there the very evening of this event for my husband and my mother’s birthdays! That I gave up my reservation just goes to show that as greedy as I am (so good is the Sportsman food that I ate my last meal there with my eyes closed virtually throughout), I love hearing people’s stories more.

Death Goes Digital Interview

Death Goes Digital Interview

Peter Billingham from Death Goes Digital helps the funeral industry and End Of Life Planning marketplace change and adapt to the technologies of the internet. He works with Funeral Directors, Hospice Care Charities, Universities and End Of Life Health Care Services. Peter also blogs and has a regular podcast with some amazing folks on a…

Dear Marnie

While reading your feedback yesterday the hairs were literally standing on my arms because I knew you were the right person to make this manuscript the best it can be…

Tony Barbieri

All I knew was: I wanted to share my story, write my memoirs. I Googled ghostwriter and Marnie was the first person I contacted. Marnie made such a great first impression that I felt no need to look any further.

Anthea McCarten

I found Marnie to be such an affable person. Not only that, but she gave me the confidence to finish my memoir.

Martin Davies

Marnie is a truly special person with a wonderful gift. She is sincere and compassionate. I loved working with her. My book was rather complicated.

Suzannah Ridgway

Thank you so much for the edit. It was actually perfect. There were places where I knew the words were not quite right but I somehow couldn’t find a way to fix it and it’s exactly where you edited so I’m chuffed about that.


(My life) was a living nightmare. Thanks for listening to it and helping me come to terms with it and enabling me to write this story.


A very good service. As well as helping us write our memoirs about our adventures as wartime entertainers, Marnie arranged for us to be interviewed on BBC Radio 4, and organised a wonderful book launch for us at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley.

Mollie and Peggie

Marnie helped my father to edit his memoir Once A Sapper Always A Sapper. He really enjoyed working with her and looked forward to her visits.


This book that was written with Marnie, has totally opened the door and changed my whole outlook on life.


Marnie is a delightful lady and immediately made my Dad feel relaxed and start to chat about his life and wartime experiences.


I’d like to say how much I enjoyed reading my aunt’s memoirs that Marnie collated and wrote.


I’d just like to say a huge thank you for the dedication and passion you gave while ghostwriting with me.


I am amazed at what you’ve done. I’m excited. I think my memoir will be wonderful.


This is something I have been waiting to do for a long time, but when I lost my sight I thought that was it. And then I found Your Memoir.


All the books we ordered have sold and people are asking for further copies. People have been so interested! We’re really happy with everything Marnie did.


Marnie has the superb ability to write as if she is inside your head – and your heart. Marnie gave me new hope when I was struggling to write my own book.


I came to Marnie for editing and printing of my life story. I could never have hoped to do the excellent job that Marnie did.


Marnie ghosted our memoir of motorbiking around Europe for charity. The whole experience was very relaxed. Marnie was very friendly and accomodating yet professional.

Jane and Reg

Home From War is a very moving and touching story of love triumphing over all that life dealt this young soldier. A very captivating read, could not put it down. Would recommend this book.


Home From War is a truly inspirational and moving account of how love can conquer even the hardest things.


I received your book. It is absolutely fabulous. I really enjoyed reading the letters from my grandfather to you.


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